List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
690 2 days ago reduce memory usage unread jendrik  
509 1 month ago task class enhancements chatting jendrik jendrik
567 3 months ago M&S refactoring part 2: meta issue chatting silvan silvan
207 4 months ago revise search code chatting malte  
559 10 months ago Solve component coordination problem chatting silvan  
64 10 months ago use namespaces chatting malte malte
588 10 months ago option parser refactoring chatting malte  
401 10 months ago Master plan for state representation chatting florian  
610 11 months ago open list refactoring chatting malte  
569 13 months ago driver script idea collection chatting malte  
689 3 days ago Unsolvable tasks not detected by potential heuristic chatting florian  
681 3 days ago compilation issue with LP code: "isnan" chatting malte  
687 2 weeks ago Segfaults with 32-bit CPLEX build chatting florian  
288 3 months ago OptionParser accepts incomplete parameters in-progress jendrik moritz
339 4 months ago what happens when reopening nodes in settings with multiple heuristics? chatting malte malte
638 8 months ago Fix implementation of "interesting" patterns chatting florian  
619 10 months ago ./ --help crashes when using a core compilation deferred silvan  
575 14 months ago make PDB evaluation fast again unread jendrik  
537 14 months ago make blind search faster again chatting jendrik  
407 16 months ago g-bound for trivially solved tasks chatting jendrik  
165 26 months ago performance issue in translator (with negative preconditions code?) chatting malte  
453 26 months ago Solvable problem reported unsolvable - incorrect computation of derived predicates? chatting patrik  
467 26 months ago Assertion in LandmarkFactoryRpgSasp fails for unsolvable tasks chatting florian  
458 27 months ago handling degenerate inputs to preprocessor and search chatting malte  
442 28 months ago lm_rhw detects wrong gn-orderings with derived predicates chatting salome  
250 36 months ago Assertion failure in the DFP-Shrink-Strategy - abstraction too big chatting moritz  
383 40 months ago Reasonable orders in landmark graph not always generated chatting salome  
341 54 months ago variable ordering in preprocessor differs from description in Fast Downward paper chatting mikko malte
198 54 months ago issues when using multiple heuristics chatting malte  
323 58 months ago better error messages for illegal or unsupported types chatting rpgoldman malte
247 64 months ago LM heuristic crashes and/or wrongly reports dead ends chatting malte emilkeyder
213 2 days ago inefficient memory use with -m64 setting chatting erez jendrik
688 5 days ago replace GlobalOperator* by operator ids in successor generator and for preferred operators reviewing jendrik jendrik
686 1 month ago handle task transformations in path-dependent heuristics unread jendrik  
683 1 month ago remove BucketOpenList unread jendrik  
678 1 month ago Issue with universal quantification over large set of objects chatting enricos83  
667 2 months ago Merge-and-Shrink: Integrate SCCs based merge strategy chatting silvan silvan
672 2 months ago Create documentation for the directory structure unread silvan  
668 2 months ago Merge-and-Shrink: Integrate dynamic MIASM merge strategy chatting silvan silvan
311 2 months ago create "eager_wastar" analog of "lazy_wastar" chatting malte salome
368 2 months ago Update parents in lazy search when reopen_closed is switched off chatting mkatz  
669 2 months ago Move algorithm utilities to their own subdirectory algorithms chatting silvan  
589 3 months ago Make statistics output easier to parse chatting florian  
663 4 months ago use shared_ptr for searches unread jendrik  
653 4 months ago validate plan costs unread jendrik  
26 4 months ago integrate preprocessor in search code (optionally) reviewing malte malte
661 5 months ago retrieve mutex group numbers from AbstractTask chatting jendrik  
646 7 months ago Parent evaluation context in-progress manuel manuel
636 9 months ago Integrate P^m compilation unread gabi  
628 10 months ago Integrate mutex-based interference for stubborn sets unread martin martin
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