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msg1272 (view) Author: erez Date: 2011-03-10.09:28:38
I agree - this can wait
msg1270 (view) Author: malte Date: 2011-03-09.19:22:38
I'm sure we discussed something along those lines in the tracker already, but I
can't find it any more.

Brief comment: I think this would be useful, but with 90 open issues, I'd focus
on fixing the current code first. Or, phrased more strongly: we're in bugfix-
and cleanup-only mode, with other changes only permitted if there's a really
good reason.

What is clear is that when facing something that is *not* supported, the planner
should exit rather than producing garbage or segfaults.
msg1267 (view) Author: erez Date: 2011-03-09.11:04:21
Regarding checking about axioms/conditional effects/non-unit cost actions/zero 
cost actions/...
I suggest we implement some sort of capabilities system 
(similar to weka), which would give us a convenient way of checking all of 

The interface would be something like two boolean method for each "problematic" 
feature (axioms/conditional effects/...) - one saying whether it's supported, 
and the other whether it's supported and still admissible.

This interface should be implemented by heuristics, search engines, landmark 
graphs, and probably a few more things I haven't thought of.

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