Title Use new task interface in merge-and-shrink
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Created on 2015-07-08.19:02:25 by silvan, last changed by silvan.

msg4376 (view) Author: silvan Date: 2015-07-15.16:22:56
Thank you for the help everyone, this one is pushed.
msg4375 (view) Author: silvan Date: 2015-07-15.13:27:58
Ok. Florian, the code is ready, it also includes the changed includes :-)
msg4368 (view) Author: malte Date: 2015-07-15.00:03:14
I only looked at ms_construction_time, and I think there's no clear negative
trend anymore (e.g., look at the domain summaries before/after, which include
delta sums over all instances). So I'm fine with merging this if Florian had no
objections to the code.
msg4364 (view) Author: silvan Date: 2015-07-14.21:55:17
The new experiments look a bit better, search time is "less worse" than before.
I also included "actual_search_time" as an attribute -- there is no visible
difference in search time, however, everything is related to merge-and-shrink
construction time.
msg4360 (view) Author: silvan Date: 2015-07-14.13:44:13
That's a very good question indeed. As I changed several places with using
tasks/task proxies again after the first experiment, I'd better run another set
of experiments so the data belongs to the most recent version.
msg4359 (view) Author: malte Date: 2015-07-14.13:37:15
Interestingly, the difference in heuristic construction time is considerable. I
find that surprising: one we've created the atomic abstractions, shouldn't the
original task representation be irrelevant?
msg4358 (view) Author: silvan Date: 2015-07-13.08:46:55
I updated the pull request.

The following table now also includes "ms_construction_time" (time included in
search time/total time, which is spent on the merge-and-shrink construction):
msg4351 (view) Author: malte Date: 2015-07-11.13:29:06
Actually, I find runtime a bit disappointing. Is it possible to find out how
much is actual search time and how much is the time for constructing the heuristic?
msg4350 (view) Author: malte Date: 2015-07-11.13:17:36
Great! Looks like Florian is reviewing this, so please merge once you're both
happy with it.
msg4349 (view) Author: silvan Date: 2015-07-11.12:28:41
The experiments look ok:

If somebody wants to have a look at it, please go ahead:

Otherwise, I think that this task is accomplished.
msg4338 (view) Author: silvan Date: 2015-07-08.19:02:25
We want to use the new task interface in merge-and-shrink.
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