Title handle CPXlpopt out-of-memory error
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Created on 2016-12-05.11:11:53 by jendrik, last changed by jendrik.

msg5848 (view) Author: jendrik Date: 2016-12-05.11:11:53
In the experiments for issue213 we had an unexplained error:

Output on stdout:

CPX0000  Compressing row and column files.

Output on stderr:

Coin threw exception: CPXlpopt returned error 1001
 from method resolve
 from class OsiCpxSolverInterface
Unexplained error occurred.

One way to catch this type of error would be to exit with EXIT_OUT_OF_MEMORY if 
the error message in handle_coin_error() matches "CPXlpopt returned error 1001" 
(1001 stands for out of memory in the CPLEX lib). 

Since we were unable to reproduce the error locally and on the grid, we postponed 
applying this fix until we can test it.
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