Title Create Singularity-Based Fast Downward "Developer Toolkit"
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See also the related issue788.

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See also the related issue788.
msg8086 (view) Author: malte Date: 2018-11-26.12:23:33
I think we should think about the best target audience for this. One clear use
case I see is to set up things for workshops, tutorials, summer school and
university courses. At the ICAPS 2018 summer school we used vagrant for this,
and I think it worked very nicely.

The main differences I see is that in a course environment, it is most important
that setup is as easy as possible and works out of the box for as many people as
possible, whereas aspects like planner performance, disk usage and compatibility
with people's long-term workflow are somewhat less important. I think once
you've got a summer-school-style set up working and can use it to get your feet
wet, having to do a slightly more manual "dev setup" for long-term usage is
somewhat more acceptable.
msg7130 (view) Author: guillem Date: 2018-05-11.17:09:39
This is a followup to issue770.

We want to test whether it could be interesting to offer a Fast Downward 
"Developer Toolkit" with the 
form of a Singularity image, where all dependencies to develop and run the 
tests come already built 
within the image. The general idea discussed in the last fast downward meeting 
would be to mount the 
directory where the codebase is within the Singularity image; run whatever IDE 
locally on the host 
machine, but then compile and test the codebase _through_ the singularity 
image, which would have the 
appropriate versions of:

* Clang / Gcc
* Clang-format, Clang-tidy
* Uncrustify
* Validate

(feel free to mention whatever other one that I missed)

and eventually any other development tool that we deem general and useful 
enough to be included.
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