Title On the Mac and Windows buildbots, use for testing
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See also issue871.

Created on 2018-09-21.12:10:53 by silvan, last changed by jendrik.

See also issue871.
msg8054 (view) Author: malte Date: 2018-11-05.23:10:41
Hi all, does anyone have this one on their agenda? It would be nice to be able
to assign someone to this issue.
msg7716 (view) Author: silvan Date: 2018-09-21.12:10:53
Working on issue775, we found that our Mac and Windows buildbots are currently
not setup ideally, especially the latter. I think we are not far away from
testing all code steps on all three platforms.

On our Mac machine, all that is missing to properly run all code tests is to
have a Python3 installation (or, more precisely, to have python3 available as

With issue775 merged, the translator should work (again) on Windows, and we
should test this. Currently, we only test compiling on Windows using the "nolp"
build options, because we have OSI installed but not CPLEX. To use the test
scripts out of the box, we need to be able to use the debug32 and release32
builds, for which we need to be able building them. BTW, I figured out [1] that
instead of using "python <>", we can and should use "py -2
<>" or "py -3 <>" to execute python
scripts on Windows using different Python versions.

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