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msg9122 (view) Author: patfer Date: 2019-12-19.16:40:31
After sprint summary:

We want a tool which automatically converts our Fast Downward repositories from
mercurial to git.

I am working on this. A first (slightly outdated) version exists and can be seen at

- finish conversion for .hgignore to .gitignore (by simple rules and a user
given list of mappings, by user I mean me who creates a default list for our
rules which cannot be converted automatically)
- all branches are open again. Decide what we want to do about them. One suggestion:
#Archive (maybe our new close) branch
git tag archive/<branchname> <branchname>
git branch -d <branchname>
git checkout master

# Reopen branch
git checkout -b new_branch_name archive/<branchname>
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