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Created on 2019-12-19.16:51:32 by patfer, last changed by malte.

msg9413 (view) Author: malte Date: 2020-07-02.17:25:49
I've also tagged the new revision of repo as version 1.4.0. We were previously at 1.3.2, and adding git support is worth a minor version bump.

Tagging revisions with Subversion like it's 2004! :-) For the young'uns, when the first version of Fast Downward was created, even Subversion didn't exist yet, at least not with a public release.

We don't have a changelog or even a version string, so tagging a version doesn't actually involve any changes within the trunk/repo path. I had a look at the diff since version 1.3.2, and the changes since then are:

- add git support
- add resetkey command
- change from DSA to RSA keys
- improve tab completion of moverepo command (BTW, I wonder if what we did there could also be useful for other commands, like addrepo)
- tweak text of emails sent when an hg repository moved

One of these days we should convert this to a git repository and publish it somewhere.
msg9410 (view) Author: malte Date: 2020-07-02.17:12:55
In case it wasn't clear, I didn't look at the live version. The review was based on the revision that was in the repository. So I'm glad to hear that my "--bare" suggestion made sense. :-)

Tests look good, README changes look good except for this:

@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
 the repositories hosted on your machine, in which case svn/hg will not
 automatically be started and you will get an error message like
 "No repository found" (svn) or "There is no Mercurial repository here"
-(hg) message when attempting to check out a repository from your local
+(hg, git) message when attempting to check out a repository from your local

I assume that the message by git is not "There is no Mercurial repository here". :-)

I've checked this a bit, and also the hg message is quite different these days. I've committed a change to the README and also updated on airepos.
msg9399 (view) Author: gabi Date: 2020-07-02.11:06:05
Malte, thanks for the review!

I added a basic test for git and updated the README file.

The --bare option for init is not optional, without it, pushing does not work (I forgot to copy this change to my repo for the commit). It is now included (and svn st is clean on our working system).
msg9392 (view) Author: malte Date: 2020-07-01.20:51:07
Thanks a lot! I had a quick look. It all looks like it should work, including the error handling. If something doesn't, I guess we'll find out soon enough. :-)

I only have a few comments:

- Can you add some tests for the new functionality and see if they pass? See tests/ We don't go for 100% coverage, but we try to test the major functions. There is also a Makefile that lets you can run "make test".

- Should we use "git init --bare"? In principle, in this kind of scenario that would be the recommended thing, but then I don't think it makes much difference. See

- The README file implies in the first few paragraphs that the supported repository formats are (only) Subversion and Mercurial, so it would be good to update that. There is a later reference to the two further down the file that we might also want to update.
msg9367 (view) Author: gabi Date: 2020-07-01.10:50:34
I added git support to the repo tool. If someone wants to have a look at it, the 
most critical part is in scripts/, where we hand through the ssh 
requests to the repositories. Otherwise, I think this is resolved.
msg9128 (view) Author: patfer Date: 2019-12-19.16:51:32
After sprint summary:

As we want to move Fast Downward to git, we also thought of adding git support
to the repo tool (this is not required for the conversion to git, just a nice to
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