List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
509 2 weeks ago task class enhancements chatting jendrik jendrik
567 2 weeks ago M&S refactoring part 2: meta issue chatting silvan silvan
207 3 weeks ago revise search code chatting malte  
588 1 month ago option parser refactoring chatting malte  
727 3 months ago use Evaluator instead of Heuristic chatting manuel  
569 3 months ago driver script idea collection chatting malte  
757 4 months ago Use Fast Downward programmatically chatting guillem  
753 6 months ago ugly hacks chatting malte  
213 6 months ago inefficient memory use with -m64 setting chatting erez jendrik
746 6 months ago statistics unread jendrik  
64 13 months ago use namespaces chatting malte malte
610 14 months ago open list refactoring chatting malte  
706 17 months ago CMake TODO list chatting florian  
690 17 months ago reduce memory usage chatting jendrik  
559 29 months ago Solve component coordination problem chatting silvan  
401 29 months ago Master plan for state representation chatting florian  
198 2 weeks ago issues when using multiple heuristics reviewing malte salome
785 2 weeks ago PDB dominance pruning crashes for empty patterns reviewing jendrik silvan
407 2 weeks ago g-bound for trivially solved tasks chatting jendrik  
789 1 month ago File name provided with "--plan-file" transformed to lowercase unread mkatz  
776 2 months ago CostAdaptedTask should not use g_root_task as parent reviewing silvan silvan
711 2 months ago OptionParser silently swallows additional arguments chatting florian  
771 3 months ago translator generates wrong mutex information with full encoding? unread malte  
537 3 months ago make blind search faster again chatting jendrik  
288 14 months ago option parser accepts incorrect configurations chatting jendrik  
709 15 months ago Negative heuristic value for operator-counting heuristic chatting florian  
165 17 months ago performance issue in translator (with negative preconditions code?) chatting malte  
383 17 months ago Reasonable orders in landmark graph not always generated chatting salome  
689 19 months ago Unsolvable tasks not detected by potential heuristic chatting florian  
575 33 months ago make PDB evaluation fast again unread jendrik  
453 45 months ago Solvable problem reported unsolvable - incorrect computation of derived predicates? chatting patrik  
467 45 months ago Assertion in LandmarkFactoryRpgSasp fails for unsolvable tasks chatting florian  
458 46 months ago handling degenerate inputs to preprocessor and search chatting malte  
442 47 months ago lm_rhw detects wrong gn-orderings with derived predicates chatting salome  
250 54 months ago Assertion failure in the DFP-Shrink-Strategy - abstraction too big chatting moritz  
341 73 months ago variable ordering in preprocessor differs from description in Fast Downward paper chatting mikko malte
323 77 months ago better error messages for illegal or unsupported types chatting rpgoldman malte
247 83 months ago LM heuristic crashes and/or wrongly reports dead ends chatting malte emilkeyder
802 yesterday M&S: add support for time limit and computing partial abstractions in general reviewing silvan silvan
695 2 weeks ago space improvement for LM-Count in-progress jendrik  
756 2 weeks ago Unintended behavior change for reward progress in lazy search reviewing mkatz manuel
739 2 weeks ago Driver: return exit codes in a way that allows distinguishing between translator and search reviewing silvan silvan
795 2 weeks ago sbMIASM: consider alternative options to imitating the shrink strategy of the heuristic when computing temporary product systems unread silvan  
792 2 weeks ago Get rid of g_successor_generator in-progress florian florian
788 2 weeks ago Create End-User Fast Downward Singularity Container in-progress guillem guillem
791 2 weeks ago Use task interface for StateRegistry reviewing florian florian
790 2 weeks ago fix various minor problems in headers reviewing jendrik jendrik
285 2 weeks ago evaluate/improve A* tie-breaking w.r.t. goal states chatting malte  
19 2 weeks ago make official code distribution deferred malte  
787 1 month ago Create Singularity-Based Fast Downward "Developer Toolkit" chatting guillem guillem
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