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Date 2011-01-16.18:42:34
I'm classifying this as a bug since there are several things that are wrong here
and only mostly work due to special cases, good luck, or limiting ourselves to
certain configurations.

The search code should be reviewed and revised, and the role of evaluators vs.
heuristics vs. search spaces in storing state information such as h values
reconsidered. The search progress statistics are a bit fragile, too; see e.g.
the comment in Heuristic::get_heuristic() in the latest code.

All special-casing of heuristics[0] in eager search should disappear, and there
currently is some confusion about heuristics vs. evaluators that keeps us from
correctly implementing max and sum evaluators (see issue198, which itself has
further references).

I know we shouldn't keep deferring our 1.0 release, but I think this one is
severe enough to be nominated for 1.0. For example, I'd really like to properly
support max and sum for 1.0. Thoughts?
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