Author malte
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Date 2011-08-13.20:17:45
I made some more tests, which show that the behaviour already shows up with
blind search. Here's the relevant data; everything else (no. expanded states,
no. hash buckets in the closed list etc.) was reported identically with -m32 and

For reference, this is from my new desktop machine (Xeon E31270 running 64-bit
Ubuntu 10.10 with gcc 4.4.4-14ubuntu5).

./downward-1 --search 'astar(blind())' < output:

woodworking-opt #12:

Total time: 20.28s
Peak memory: 345372 KB

Total time: 18.25s
Peak memory: 501048 KB

woodworking-opt #23:

Total time: 11.67s
Peak memory: 214460 KB

Total time: 10.69s
Peak memory: 309812 KB

blocks #9-0:

Total time: 24.07s
Peak memory: 497516 KB

Total time: 22.61s
Peak memory: 866388 KB
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