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Date 2014-04-30.00:44:18
As in most programming language grammars, I would suggest to separate the
"AlphaNumeric" token into two kinds of tokens: pure numbers vs. identifiers. So
for example "3=foo()" should not be a valid "KeyValue" because 3 is not a valid
identifier, and similarly 22(foo) would not be a call because 22 is not an

Identifier would be the regex [a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]* (as e.g. in C).

Number would be [0-9][0-9]* (for integers) or [0-9][0-9]*.[0-9][0-9]* (for
floating-point numbers).

I think the grammar would use Identifier in all places where it currently uses
AlphaNumeric, except in RHSParam, where both Identified and Number would be allowed.
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