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Date 2014-08-27.15:09:39
I just found issue54 (our current record holder for the open issue with the
longest period since the last activity, though this will change in a minute),
which describes why right now we essentially don't support derived variables
with more than 2 values. There are two options here:

D1 (YAGNI): Disallow derived variables with more than 2 values. (We never
generate these ourselves.)

D2 (purity): Change the code to make it possible to support them properly. This
will either require a new definition for the "layering property", or moving
layers from the variables to the facts or rules.

Both options look OK to me. D2 would offer some additional useful functionality
for people who generate their finite-domain input directly, but it would have
some implementation cost (not terribly high, I think, but still) and affect the
file format. Opinions?
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