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Date 2015-07-27.11:45:19
This meta issue is the continuation of issue432, to have a clean overview of all
upcoming issue which are due to code reviewing.

To start off, these are the open issues left over from issue432:
- issue415: better memory management
- issue561: split off TransitionSystem into several parts

Further three comments from an old refactoring list, although unclear if they
are going to be addressed:
- TransitionSystem::compute_local_equivalence_relation():
  make computation faster through sorting transitions (O(n log n)) or hashing
  (O(n)). Sorting is probably better, because we do not need to consider all
  transitions in the best case.

- Add a hybrid bisimulation/greedy bisimulation strategy, inspired from
  the code used for the IJCAI 2011 paper. See also issue431.

- Add a max_time parameter similar as in iPDB.
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