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Date 2015-07-28.15:04:05
Let's assign some letters to the action items we have mentioned so far:

A. issue415: better memory management

B. Continue splitting TransitionSystem into several parts. (issue561 is now merged.)

C. TransitionSystem::compute_locally_equivalent_labels(): make computation
faster through sorting transitions (O(n log n)) or hashing (O(n)). Sorting is
probably better, because we do not need to consider all transitions in the best
case. [This doesn't seem to be a huuuuuge bottleneck, though. According to
experiments (not on the tracker), it can be up to 10% of merge-and-shrink
construction time in some configs.]

D. Add a hybrid bisimulation/greedy bisimulation strategy, inspired from the
code used for the IJCAI 2011 paper. See also issue431.

E. Add a max_time parameter similar as in iPDB.

F. Consider adding a max_transitions or similar parameter (see msg4485).

G. Consider performing exact label reduction in some cases where the labels have
different cost.
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