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Date 2015-11-11.11:15:14
Splitting off one component at a time sounds good to me. Should we make this
into a meta issue and create individual issues for the parts? For example, one
for the "easy" part and one each for search, state, task and utility classes?

On your questions:

1) I'm assuming we want to change all evaluators into heuristics or all
heuristics into evaluators, and that we don't want to do this all at one time. I
suggest to leave evaluators and heuristics in two directories as long as they
are different. If we make some evaluators into heuristics (or the other way
around) we can move them from one directory to the other. This way we could see
which parts are already translated and which ones aren't. If my assumption is
wrong, a common directory might make more sense.

2) I don't have a strong opinion on having the lp in a subdirectory, but it
could make sense for two reasons: we planned to make the interface more
efficient (issue506) which will probably increase its size, and it is a separate
component that most people can ignore when they start to understand the core
code ("Don't look into directory 'lp' unless you need an LP solver").

I updated the suggestion in the summary.
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