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Date 2015-12-09.12:31:25
This issue collects various refactoring TODOs for the open lists.

The initial list is taken from issue481:

* TODO Reduce code duplication in open list factories

- There is a large amount of boilerplate in the open list factories;
  not just in the code, but also in the class definition.

- Perhaps we can define a templated base class that contains the
  common stuff?

* TODO Introduce namespaces for open list factories

* TODO Introduce cmake plugins for open list factories

* TODO Reconsider which code lives where, also w.r.t. search engines

- For most classes, in principle nothing needs to be in the header
  file, since even the factories are in most cases only used by the
  plug-in. But there are some external users of certain open list
  factories, which currently mostly go via The way
  this code is split up should be reconsidered, perhaps with the goal
  of minimizing the number of plug-in dependencies. For example, we
  should not need to pay for the dependencies of A* if we don't want
  to compile in A*. One appealing way to change this is to move
  convenience plug-ins like A* out of, but this should
  probably only be done once the search engines have been moved to
  their own directory to avoid proliferation of files in the main

* TODO search for TODOs in diff and convert them to issues

hg diff -c 05069b5d0c35 | less

then search for TODO
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