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Date 2016-01-16.12:57:11
I added TODOs for supporting the task interface in the search engines (and
smaller steps on the way).

One thing, we should discuss is how to handle initial state data.
Currently, RootTask gets the initial state in four steps:
  1) RootTask accesses the global state registry.
  2) The registry reads values from g_initial_state_data, packs the data, and
evaluates axioms on the packed data.
  3) The registry returns a GlobalState that contains a pointer to the packed data.
  4) RootTask converts the GlobalState into a State (unpacks the data) and
returns it.

The problem with that is that we want to use the task interface in the registry,
i.e., the registry should get its initial state data from the task, not the
other way around. The question then is, who should be responsible for evaluating
axioms on the initial state data, who should store the data, etc.
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