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Date 2016-12-08.14:53:00
Two changes for reducing memory consumption have been made in the pull request so far: 

issue213-v1 uses ints instead of GlobalOperator pointers for storing the parent operator.
issue213-v2 (in addition to changes by v1) uses IntHashSet instead of std::unordered_set for storing the closed-list.

I have run an experiment comparing v1 and v2 for blind search in a 64-bit build:

Memory consumption is significantly reduced, but runtimes go up.

v2 recovers the loss in total coverage for blind search incurred by switching to 64-bit builds:  

version   coverage
base-m32:      617
base-m64:      602
  v1-m64:      606 
  v2-m64:      624
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