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Date 2017-01-05.18:33:24
We discussed a solution for the initial state: the root task will own an axiom
evaluator (and a successor generator) and generate them in its constructor.
We'll add methods to the axiom evaluator that work on unpacked state data
(vector<int>). This will lead to some code duplication, which we might be able
to avoid with templates. Depending on how we want to handle unpacking states
(see issue348), we could eventually get rid off the method evaluates axioms on
packed states. 

In the long run, every task could own an axiom evaluator (and successor
generator) or re-use the one from its parent.

We also talked about a good place to start introducing the task interface into
the search algorithms and decided it would be easier, if we first duplicated
EvaluationContext/EvaluationResult/HeristicCache so they can be used with States
(not just GlobalStates). Once this is done, we can concentrate on one search
algorithm at a time.

I updated the plan in the summary re-ordering items a bit.
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