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> Coverage goes down by a lot, especially in miconic-fulladl, parcprinter and
> Interestingly, miconic-fulladl is the domain that looks really good in the
> total_time plots. It seems that a lot of tasks are now detected as unsolvable
(see for example

miconic-fulladl does actually have unsolvable tasks, but not that many. I think
there are 11. So this means that the change is not correct, and we will probably
have to defer this until we actually understand it better.

> Maybe we have to let this issue rest until we can look at the landmark code as
a whole.
> Let's hope its not another 3.5 years.

Jendrik, can you add revising the landmark code to the agenda for the next Fast
Downward meeting that I can attend? I think it would be good to start making a
refactoring plan.
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