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Can you add a link to the pull request?

Regarding the five items, I suggest we discuss them live tomorrow.

Regarding 1), we should probably discuss with the others what we want the
command-line option and the wiki page to be called, and we should discuss the
question of whether to add sections or some other way of structuring wiki pages
with lots of entries, which we will get after merging the ScalarEvaluator and
Heuristic pages.

Regarding 2), I think we should look at where and how these descriptions are
used first. I think we currently have two kinds of descriptions; the shorter
ones that are used as "tags" in statistics and are created automatically from
the option parser, and longer ones that are used to describe to the user what is
going on. For the shorter ones, I think we can do better than we currently do
when we improve the option parser, and with the longer ones, we should probably
come up with a clearer plan of what we want to do with them. At the moment I
think it's a good idea to have proper descriptions for everything, but it would
be good to think about this feature more generally.

Regarding 4), forgetting to override this function in cases where it must be
overridden will lead to serious bugs, and in such cases our usual policy is not
to provide a default implementation because then people implementing derived
classes often don't think about whether they have to provide an implementation.
But, looking at its documentation, I think this function should probably go away
anyway in the medium term.
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