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A path dependent heuristic can subscribe itself to be notified about initial
state and state transitions that are reached during search.

Currently, FD uses subscriptions and notifications as follows:
- All evaluators can subscribe but only heuristics will be notified.
- All heuristics subscribe themselves but not each heuristic requires a

The current use of subscriptions and notifications raises following questions:
- Should evaluators also be notified?
- If yes, should an evaluator notify its sub-evaluators or should sub-evaluators
be directly notified, independent of the evaluator (e.g. SumEvaluator)?
- Which evaluators/heuristics require notification?

We want to evaluate different use cases (e.g. consider notification under
reopening of states) and look at their requirements. Based on those insights, we
wish to define which evaluators can subscribe, how they subscribe, and how they
are notified about the visited search space (e.g. transitions etc.).
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