Author jendrik
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Date 2017-12-01.10:27:16
Building in 32-bit mode has several disadvantages:

- It only allows using up to 4 GiB of memory.
- It complicates our build scripts.
- It is not supported by recent CPLEX versions.

Therefore, we would like to remove or at least deprecate the option to build in 
32-bit mode. Currently, 64-bit builds don't match the performance of 32-bit 
builds, mainly because they use too much memory. Fixing this is issue213. We 
won't change the default build mode until issue213 is resolved. For now, we would 
like to collect possible concerns about deprecating or removing 32-bit builds. If 
somebody still needs 32-bit builds, we will probably only deprecate them and 
change the default to 64-bit. Otherwise, 32-bit builds will probably be removed.
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