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Date 2017-12-01.18:43:50
The installation of SoPlex that comes with SCIP has zlib support. For CPLEX and
OSI this is also the default but so far our build instructions explicitly
disable this. In SoPlex the zlib support can also be disabled but that would
mean a more complex installation of SoPlex. 

Since we already talked about accepting compressed input to the planner I
thought it might be interesting to see how complicated it is to link the planner
with zlib so I changed the CMake files so they now look for zlib if an LP solver
is used. This change would mean that we can remove the "--disable-zlib" line
from the LP build instructions.

Linking with zlib was no problem on a 64bit build but it was getting complicated
for the 32bit version. On Ubuntu several packages provide a 32bit version of the
library in different locations. The (only) one that worked for me was
zlib1g-dev:i386. For the other packages, CMake didn't find the library, for
example because there was only a symlink and none called

On the non-CMake front of this issue, I added options to use the solver to our
interface and everything went relatively smooth. Currently, the solver still
outputs log messages for every solved LP that I'll try to disable next.

I'll also try to compile SoPlex from scratch in 32 and 64 bit to see if both
compiles work. Although, if the 32bit build doesn't work, I'd suggest to treat
it as unsupported since we want to get rid of it anyway.
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