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> Sounds good. I think the zlib issue is a question of whether it is easier to
> document how to compile OSI and SoPlex without zlib or to document how to
> install zlib so that CMake finds it.

Agreed. Given that zlib is a very common library, I would expect the latter to
be easier.

> Looks like this is working. I prepared a pull request for it:

The patch looks good to me.

If you think it is useful, I can try this out too, but I suggest doing this
after it has been merged and our wiki has been updated. That way we also get to
test the documentation. In that case, please remind me that I wanted to do this
once the documentation is ready.

> What kind of experiments should we run with this? Is A*/h^seq on the optimal
> benchmarks enough?

You know best which kinds of configurations exercise the LP code.
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