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Date 2017-12-05.09:37:26
Thanks for all the input so far!

I finally ran some experiments. The first one only runs search configurations
and is intended to compare the before-after behavior of exit codes. I manually
translated the legacy to the new exit codes. The comparison looks fine:

For translator configurations that restrict time, everything is fine, too, but
for catching MemoryErrors, things are different. We successfully catch
MemoryError (in one task, the small memory limit led to a segfault) and return
the correct exit code, but python sometimes prints to stderr even though the
MemoryError is caught. When testing this locally, I cannot consistently
reproduce the behavior: sometimes, for the same task, there is output to stderr,
sometimes there isn't. The output also varies, I've seen lines like
"MemoryError" or "Exception MemoryError: MemoryError() in <object repr() failed>
ignored", and also cases where several such lines occurred (presumably due to
running out of memory again while printing, even though we reserve 10MB of
emergency memory).

Any suggestions how to address this?
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