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Date 2017-12-06.08:55:55
The size is fine, but I think there is another point we did not consider: if we
use something like communicate() or check_output(), there will be no output
visible to the user until the translator terminates. If we only redirect stderr
to a pipe but not stdout, then this is probably not an issue because it is only
output on stderr that is deferred, and such output currently only happens upon
termination of the translator.

But it would perhaps still be cleaner to use something like the code from lab in
case we ever get stderr output that happens earlier in execution, e.g., some
sort of warning message. (If we want to reuse the code in lab, we should make it
its own reusable module that can be identical in both places and includes a
comment that it is used in both projects to help with keeping it in sync.)
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