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Date 2017-12-18.14:21:40
Since I'd like to use the changes from this issue for IPC 2018, I have merged the 
current default branch from the master repository into the issue397 branch from 
Gabi's IPC 2014 repository. You can find the result at . I had to remove the 
call to "SASOperator._canonical_pre_post()" since it reorders the effects (this 
was introduced in issue533). If we decide to merge issue397, we should probably 
delete the "SASOperator._canonical_pre_post()" method. However, we should also 
think about whether we want to remove duplicate effects as is done in 
"SASOperator._canonical_pre_post()". I'm not sure whether any other changes to 
the translator since January 2014 interfere with the changes in the issue397 
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