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We'd like to offer the user the possibility of interacting "programmatically" 
with the planer. This is a high-level issue / wishlist of features that could 
related to this goal, and which could include, for instance,

(1) Offering a Python interface (i.e. creating one or more Python modules with 
well-designed interfaces that bind with the C++ library) for creating planning 
problems programmatically. 

(2) Offering a Python / C++ interface for easily specifying the options of the 
different plugins, in a way alleviating the need for complex command-line 

(3) Offering the possibility of subclassing certain interfaces in order to 
specify (in a possibly domain-dependent manner) the desired search behaviour, 
additional control information.

(4) Offering the possibility of using symbols whose denotation is defined 
C++ / Python functions.

(5) ...

Good examples/inspiration for some/all of the above points could include for 
(A) The Gecode CSP solver (, which 
beyond the ability to process problems specified in declarative languages such 
flatzinc, offers different ways to declare CSP problems by extending the 
appropriate C++ classes, etc., as well as to control the solving process.

(B) The z3 SMT solver, which offers an elegant Python API to declare SMT 
problems, instantiate solvers with different options, and solve the problems 
(simple example:
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