Title Disable presolving for potential heuristics
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msg11593 (view) Author: florian Date: 2024-05-17.18:47:45
We only have existing experiments for CPLEX but I'd also test if this helps with SoPlex. I didn't find an option quickly but assume there is one. We could have a look at the OSI interface to figure this out.
msg11592 (view) Author: malte Date: 2024-05-14.13:03:07
Sounds good. Is this for CPLEX only (like the thesis, if I recall correctly), or are there also similar settings for SoPlex that should be considered?
msg11591 (view) Author: florian Date: 2024-05-13.14:09:50
The master thesis by Renato Farruggio found that presolving the LPs of potential heuristics hurts more than it helps:

We should switch it off for heuristics like this.

We could also look for other improvements in the thesis results and either handle them here or create new issues for them.
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