Title Issue a warning when handing --validate and an to driver
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Created on 2020-12-03.19:43:23 by gnad, last changed by malte.

msg9761 (view) Author: malte Date: 2020-12-03.19:58:46
Thanks for the report! I'll call this a bug. :-)
msg9760 (view) Author: gnad Date: 2020-12-03.19:43:23
When passing the --validate option to fast downward and instead of PDDL files, giving an file as input, the driver is calling validate with the following options:
validate auto-detected-domain.pddl sas_plan

Obviously validate complains when trying to read the file.

It would be good if the driver instead complained that the --validate option and an file as input are incompatible. 
The easiest way to achieve this would probably be to use the _looks_like_search_input() function from to check that the input file is not PDDL before calling validate at the bottom of
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