Title get rid of negated axiom rules in translator
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msg4289 (view) Author: malte Date: 2015-06-29.23:01:51
Note to self: when fixing this, search the code (in particular the translator)
for references to issue454. The work-in-progress code for issue533 has a code
comment related to this issue.
msg3320 (view) Author: malte Date: 2014-08-17.11:33:53
We currently generate "negated forms" of axiom rules in certain cases. This can
be very expensive, is only used in few contexts, and is apparently currently
buggy (see issue453).

This issue is about getting rid of these negated-form axioms. The most difficult
part in this is probably detecting all the places where they are implicitly used
(e.g. in relevance analysis?). We should also evaluate the performance impact on
planner configurations that make use of these negated axiom rules (such as the
CG heuristic and possibly some of the landmark generators) and possibly
reintroduce them locally for planner configurations that use them.
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