Title use shared_ptr for Heuristics
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msg6800 (view) Author: malte Date: 2018-02-09.16:25:38
Is there still a difference between Heuristic and Evaluator? If yes, then the
issue for unifying them is still open, and working on that issue at the same
time as this one will likely lead to substantial merge conflicts.

I would recommend having a brief look at the status of the Heuristic/Evaluator
unification issue before proceeding here.
msg6799 (view) Author: guillem Date: 2018-02-09.16:23:02
I'd like to push this one forward. As per the FD meeting yesterday, there should 
be no big obstacle, so I'll probably have a go at this in the next days. Although 
not mentioned in the title, I assume I could tackle using shared_ptr's for 
Evaluators as well?
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