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Created on 2018-12-06.16:40:06 by gnad, last changed by gnad.

msg8280 (view) Author: gnad Date: 2018-12-13.10:42:40
Just wanted to add some more details so that we can reconstruct the case easier,
given that you are currently working on a number of translator-related issues
that might change the behaviour. 
I updated the repo before testing this on Dec 6, so revision a40b32d03b1b (which
is the subsequent commit, where nothing in the translator was changed inbetween)
should show the described behaviour.
Further, the variables in question are binary, with no operator affecting them,
but there exists actions with preconditions on both values of the variables.
Therefore, I guess the size of the generated task could decrease quite a bit
when removing the actions that can never be applied, anyway.
msg8170 (view) Author: gnad Date: 2018-12-06.16:52:55
Thanks for looking into this! I'll add a simple sanity check to fix my issue, in 
the meantime.

The cache it was ;)
msg8169 (view) Author: malte Date: 2018-12-06.16:48:59
Hi Daniel, definitely worth reporting, thanks! I'll downgrade to "feature", though.

Not sure how quickly we can get to this, but if it takes too long, feel free to
ping us again.

I have the same Firefox version as you but cannot reproduce the issue. We were
fiddling with the issue tracker until yesterday, so perhaps you're just seeing
the effect of a transient problem that is now fixed. Is the wrong link problem
reproducible, even if you clear your cache?
msg8168 (view) Author: gnad Date: 2018-12-06.16:40:05
Hi guys,
I noticed that the translator generates variables that are not changed by any 
operator. This happens for example in organic-synthesis-split-sat18 in instance 
p05. Here, the variables var0-var49 (from the do not appear in any 
operator effect, only in preconditions.
Not sure if you want to consider this as a bug, since it does not affect 
correctness. On the other hand, the translator should be able to figure out 
that these variables can be removed. It breaks some of my code, since I assume 
that such variables do not exist, so maybe it also causes bugs in other parts 
of the planner.
BTW.. I have problems accessing the issue tracker with a recent firefox (63.0.3 
using linux). When I click the link to the tracker on, I get 
back on the homepage, not to the tracker. Anyone else with similar issues? It 
works in chrome.
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