Title Change buildbot to use git repo
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Created on 2019-12-19.16:49:12 by patfer, last changed by cedric.

msg9131 (view) Author: cedric Date: 2019-12-20.11:26:26
The changes for thew buildbot are in a separate branch in the infrastructure repository. I think they should work.

The problem that Patrick mentions here is that the buildbot workers try to update a mercurial repository since this is still on the buildbot. Maybe we missed something where mercurial is called explicitly or it is called via lab and there is detects that the local repository is still a mercurial repository.
msg9126 (view) Author: patfer Date: 2019-12-19.16:49:12
After sprint summary:

As we want to convert the fast downward repository to git, we have to change
this in the buildbot. Cedric and I started working on this, but at the end, it
did not work for some reasons. We have to finish this.
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