Title Change buildbot to use git repo
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* Don't set up "hg uncrustify" in workers.

Created on 2019-12-19.16:49:12 by patfer, last changed by jendrik.

* Don't set up "hg uncrustify" in workers.
msg9400 (view) Author: florian Date: 2020-07-02.14:44:12
Good point, this occurs three times (searching for "default" in master.cfg finds the relevant parts).

We also have to adapt misc/buildbot/ to use the main branch and switch cached_revision.MERCURIAL to cached_revision.GIT.
msg9385 (view) Author: malte Date: 2020-07-01.18:37:11
I assume we will need to update the buildbot configuration to account for the new name of the main branch?
msg9373 (view) Author: florian Date: 2020-07-01.12:17:00
There were duplicated changes in the new branch and the default branch, so I closed/merged the new branch to reduce clutter.

We can do the final steps and test everything once the official git repo exists. Here is what is left to do for a test:

1. Adjust REPO_URL
   Currently it is set to
2. Push changes to aidev
   Currently aidev has some of the changes in the repo but the docker image was not rebuilt, so the  
   running version still uses mercurial.
3. Rebuild the docker image
   This is necessary, so git is installed instead of mercurial.
4. Reload master.cfg
   The config is in a docker volume, rebuilding might not update it. It might work but to be sure
   let's just reload the config anyway.
5. Test
   After pushing a commit to github, buildbot should automatically start building within 5 minutes.
msg9131 (view) Author: cedric Date: 2019-12-20.11:26:26
The changes for thew buildbot are in a separate branch in the infrastructure repository. I think they should work.

The problem that Patrick mentions here is that the buildbot workers try to update a mercurial repository since this is still on the buildbot. Maybe we missed something where mercurial is called explicitly or it is called via lab and there is detects that the local repository is still a mercurial repository.
msg9126 (view) Author: patfer Date: 2019-12-19.16:49:12
After sprint summary:

As we want to convert the fast downward repository to git, we have to change
this in the buildbot. Cedric and I started working on this, but at the end, it
did not work for some reasons. We have to finish this.
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