List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
672 11 months ago Create documentation for the directory structure unread silvan  
311 11 months ago create "eager_wastar" analog of "lazy_wastar" chatting malte salome
368 11 months ago Update parents in lazy search when reopen_closed is switched off chatting mkatz  
653 12 months ago validate plan costs unread jendrik  
661 13 months ago retrieve mutex group numbers from AbstractTask chatting jendrik  
646 16 months ago Parent evaluation context in-progress manuel manuel
636 18 months ago Integrate P^m compilation unread gabi  
628 19 months ago Integrate mutex-based interference for stubborn sets unread martin martin
545 19 months ago Do not store values of derived variables in-progress gabi gabi
624 19 months ago Create custom build configs with ccmake through chatting florian florian
620 19 months ago add mechanism for global flags set on the command line unread malte  
609 20 months ago more logging of time in the driver script chatting malte  
450 21 months ago negated axiom rules cause combinatorial explosion chatting malte  
590 21 months ago Factory class for operator counting constraints chatting florian florian
578 22 months ago Limit time spent in iPDB dominance pruning unread florian  
526 28 months ago use shared_ptr for Heuristics in-progress pvonreth pvonreth
494 34 months ago common implementation of evaluate for multi evaluator open lists chatting pvonreth  
187 35 months ago Strengthen invariant synthesis chatting gabi gabi
7 35 months ago get rid of unnecessary -1 -> val transitions in the translator output chatting malte malte
415 35 months ago Better memory management for Merge-and-Shrink chatting florian  
396 35 months ago possibility to compile away conditional effects in-progress gabi gabi
403 35 months ago Conditional effect support for LMcut chatting florian  
377 37 months ago Add more information about heuristics and searches to the code chatting jendrik  
424 42 months ago Avoid storing variables whose values are implied unread florian  
397 44 months ago Treat conditional effects differently in-progress gabi gabi
166 44 months ago improve support of conditional effects in FF heuristic chatting malte salome
384 50 months ago Use variables instead of predicate names for disjunctive landmarks classes chatting gabi  
235 54 months ago search engines should release memory when destroyed reviewing patrik erez
202 57 months ago explore the use of reasonable orders in the admissible heuristics and explore alternative definitions in-progress malte silvia
306 69 months ago Fix unintuitive/redundant command-line options chatting malte  
304 70 months ago improve handling of zero-cost actions chatting malte  
267 70 months ago Add symmetries pruning support chatting nirp nirp
98 74 months ago support derived predicates properly in our heuristics chatting malte  
19 77 months ago make official code distribution deferred malte  
225 78 months ago create capabilities interface deferred erez erez
121 81 months ago Reuse of heuristic values between different iterations of RWA* chatting malte erez
730 3 months ago tab completion chatting malte  
726 3 months ago Change StateRegistry::get_successor_state from GlobalOperator to OperatorProxy chatting florian florian
576 3 months ago use transition normal form for admissible potential heuristics deferred jendrik  
725 3 months ago Use OperatorID instead of GlobalOperator* more often chatting florian florian
564 3 months ago Better way of storing per-task information chatting florian  
507 4 months ago option parser: make keywords mandatory chatting jendrik  
697 6 months ago Clarify use of cost type option for landmark ff synergy heuristic chatting manuel  
703 7 months ago run valgrind's memory debugging tools chatting malte  
630 8 months ago Nicer error reporting in build script chatting florian  
691 8 months ago handle CPXlpopt out-of-memory error unread jendrik  
598 10 months ago Use task with modified cost function in PDB code reviewing florian florian
675 10 months ago reuse evaluation context unread jendrik  
556 11 months ago Investigate different variable orders for the successor generator chatting florian florian
652 15 months ago Make repository smaller by rewriting its history chatting jendrik  
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