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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
497 3 days ago Canonicalize the order of effects, conditions, mutexes, etc. chatting gabi  
371 3 days ago Wishlist for changes in the output format in-progress florian gabi
829 3 days ago CMake: build should fail if a module is missing chatting jendrik  
348 5 days ago Rethink how and when to unpack states chatting florian florian
215 6 days ago translator should loudly complain about invalid PDDL chatting erez malte
472 6 days ago introduce symbol table for PDDL parser chatting malte malte
820 1 week ago Decide how to use global per task data unread florian  
780 1 month ago merge code from saturated cost partitioning papers reviewing jendrik jendrik
637 2 months ago CEGAR: refactor AbstractState and AbstractSearch reviewing jendrik jendrik
808 2 months ago initial heuristic value vs. progress chatting manuel manuel
798 3 months ago CEGAR: make extra memory padding configurable reviewing jendrik jendrik
800 3 months ago integrate new cost partitioning algorithms for landmark heuristics unread jendrik jendrik
781 4 months ago make stubborn sets computation more efficient in-progress jendrik jendrik
762 5 months ago complain about incorrect SAS file in-progress jendrik patfer
760 6 months ago Non-deterministic behavior of AdaptiveQueue chatting manuel manuel
767 6 months ago custom build configs: replace glob by single file chatting patfer  
761 6 months ago use default builds for searches chatting patfer patfer
758 8 months ago by default, don't write an file on full planner runs chatting malte  
755 9 months ago consider using int-based representations for PDB heuristics chatting jendrik  
734 12 months ago validator uses too much memory chatting jendrik  
730 16 months ago tab completion chatting malte  
576 16 months ago use transition normal form for admissible potential heuristics deferred jendrik  
564 17 months ago Better way of storing per-task information chatting florian  
507 17 months ago option parser: make keywords mandatory chatting jendrik  
703 20 months ago run valgrind's memory debugging tools chatting malte  
630 21 months ago Nicer error reporting in build script chatting florian  
691 21 months ago handle CPXlpopt out-of-memory error unread jendrik  
598 24 months ago Use task with modified cost function in PDB code reviewing florian florian
675 24 months ago reuse evaluation context unread jendrik  
556 24 months ago Investigate different variable orders for the successor generator chatting florian florian
652 28 months ago Make repository smaller by rewriting its history chatting jendrik  
505 28 months ago more aliases in driver chatting jendrik  
639 30 months ago queue-type option to all open lists chatting masataro  
641 30 months ago depth evaluator chatting masataro  
631 32 months ago Make EHC Implementation Consistent with FF chatting erez erez
566 32 months ago Nicer error reporting in driver script chatting florian  
579 35 months ago Find suitable default values for caching heuristic estimates unread salome  
565 38 months ago Stop ignoring warnings on Windows chatting florian  
454 39 months ago get rid of negated axiom rules in translator chatting malte  
523 41 months ago Symmetry based pruning integration chatting mkatz  
125 41 months ago implement "problem transformations" and make heuristics use them chatting malte  
519 42 months ago add max_expansions parameter unread jendrik  
502 42 months ago Do not create duplicate actions chatting gabi  
435 43 months ago add general successor modification functionality chatting jendrik  
506 45 months ago Make implementation of LP interface more efficient chatting florian  
498 46 months ago use configurable logging mechanism in translator unread jendrik  
340 46 months ago Using admissible heuristics for pruning in greedy search unread patrik  
489 47 months ago rethink portfolio syntax unread jendrik  
152 48 months ago extend invariant synthesis to find another Satellite invariant chatting malte  
169 48 months ago would be nice to find more invariants in trucks chatting malte  
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