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ID Activity Title Status Creator
1052 25 months ago replace g_log by local LogProxy objects everywhere unread silvan
1050 25 months ago Handle landmarks from derived variables in a principled way. chatting clemens
1046 26 months ago Split operator-counting plugin into several independent CMake plugins chatting florian
986 30 months ago emscripten support in-progress Patrick.Speicher
751 34 months ago store g values in GEvaluator chatting jendrik
1022 34 months ago pattern collection generators: support commonly used options in all generators unread silvan
980 45 months ago Implementing distance based tie breaking in search chatting mkatz
875 46 months ago translator produces static variables chatting gnad
121 59 months ago Reuse of heuristic values between different iterations of RWA* chatting malte
397 64 months ago Treat conditional effects differently in-progress gabi
816 64 months ago docs: Use sections in wiki documentation to group similar plugins chatting gabi
847 67 months ago reduce boilerplate for hash functions unread jendrik
306 67 months ago Fix unintuitive/redundant command-line options chatting malte
823 68 months ago Clarify role of Heuristic class unread gabi
285 68 months ago evaluate/improve A* tie-breaking w.r.t. goal states chatting malte
187 68 months ago Strengthen invariant synthesis chatting gabi
795 71 months ago sbMIASM: consider alternative options to imitating the shrink strategy of the heuristic when computing temporary product systems unread silvan
779 73 months ago M&S refactoring part 2: Consider performing exact label reduction in some cases where the labels have different cost chatting silvan
702 89 months ago Compute interesting patterns faster unread florian
678 91 months ago Issue with universal quantification over large set of objects chatting enricos83
368 92 months ago Update parents in lazy search when reopen_closed is switched off chatting mkatz
636 99 months ago Integrate P^m compilation unread gabi
628 100 months ago Integrate mutex-based interference for stubborn sets unread martin
545 100 months ago Do not store values of derived variables in-progress gabi
624 100 months ago Create custom build configs with ccmake through chatting florian
620 100 months ago add mechanism for global flags set on the command line unread malte
609 101 months ago more logging of time in the driver script chatting malte
590 102 months ago Factory class for operator counting constraints chatting florian
494 115 months ago common implementation of evaluate for multi evaluator open lists chatting pvonreth
415 116 months ago Better memory management for Merge-and-Shrink chatting florian
396 116 months ago possibility to compile away conditional effects in-progress gabi
403 116 months ago Conditional effect support for LMcut chatting florian
424 123 months ago Avoid storing variables whose values are implied unread florian
166 125 months ago improve support of conditional effects in FF heuristic chatting malte
235 135 months ago search engines should release memory when destroyed reviewing patrik
304 151 months ago improve handling of zero-cost actions chatting malte
267 151 months ago Add symmetries pruning support chatting nirp
1082 2 days ago Use Options objects only in Features chatting florian
1051 1 month ago new logger interface and structured log records chatting malte
1136 2 months ago Support compilations that require auxiliary actions unread gabi
371 2 months ago Wishlist for changes in the output format in-progress florian
1135 2 months ago Avoid passing global arguments through recursive functions in hm landmark factory. unread clemens
1114 2 months ago Terminology of Argument/Argument_key vs. Parameter chatting simon
856 3 months ago clang-tidy: add checks for std::move() chatting jendrik
1128 4 months ago Enable goal flaws in CEGAR PDBs. chatting clemens
1124 6 months ago Improve SoPlex performance chatting florian
1117 6 months ago let CMake check that source files exist chatting jendrik
1100 7 months ago make names of features consistent; multiple feature namespaces chatting silvan
1104 8 months ago Explore ways to generate reasonable and/or weak orderings chatting clemens
1096 8 months ago Deal with cases where we currently shadow variables unread florian
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