List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator
111 9 months ago Implement different ways to handle negative preconditions chatting gabi
161 9 months ago simplify axioms chatting malte
54 9 months ago restrict derived variables to binary domains chatting malte
141 9 months ago regression tests for old paper experiments chatting malte
1001 9 months ago Github Actions Wishlist chatting silvan
800 9 months ago integrate saturated cost partitioning for landmark heuristics chatting jendrik
1039 14 months ago Make the SAS^+ parser fail on additional operators chatting florian
1023 14 months ago implement classes for different types of landmarks chatting thomas
1081 14 months ago Move error handling of options to the constructors chatting florian
1074 15 months ago Filter Causal Landmarks in Landmark Factory chatting clemens
1020 36 months ago Add better ways of controlling memory consumption of the hillclimbing algorithm for pattern generation chatting silvan
576 37 months ago use transition normal form for admissible potential heuristics chatting jendrik
762 37 months ago complain about incorrect SAS file in-progress jendrik
160 37 months ago landmark count heuristic should detect automatically whether preferred operators should be computed chatting malte
997 39 months ago Do not return FactProxy from State::operator[] chatting florian
993 39 months ago Make LandmarkGraph be one-shot constructed by LandmarkFactories chatting thomas
257 39 months ago Allow overlapping landmarks in the same landmark graph chatting erez
992 39 months ago Make landmark code consistent with coding conventions chatting thomas
991 39 months ago Reuse/reserve vector for applicable operators in eager search chatting florian
979 45 months ago Support CPLEX in release containers chatting florian
911 45 months ago Do not store TaskProxy in Pattern(Collection)Information reviewing silvan
906 45 months ago Change Pattern(Collection)Information to transfer ownership rather than sharing it chatting silvan
978 45 months ago Remove axioms layers from the translator output chatting salome
780 45 months ago merge code from saturated cost partitioning papers reviewing jendrik
730 51 months ago tab completion chatting malte
564 59 months ago reuse per-task information chatting florian
215 59 months ago translator should loudly complain about invalid PDDL chatting erez
878 65 months ago Output information about equivalent variable-value pairs in full encoding chatting florian
813 65 months ago Translator doesn't error on non-existent objects chatting emilkeyder
497 67 months ago Canonicalize the order of effects, conditions, mutexes, etc. chatting gabi
808 69 months ago initial heuristic value vs. progress chatting manuel
760 74 months ago Non-deterministic behavior of AdaptiveQueue chatting manuel
566 100 months ago Nicer error reporting in driver script chatting florian
579 103 months ago Find suitable default values for caching heuristic estimates unread salome
502 110 months ago Do not create duplicate actions chatting gabi
296 116 months ago translator: performance issue with universally quantified effects chatting malte
299 116 months ago simplify conditional effects in translator chatting malte
333 116 months ago Translate fails on nested quantification chatting rpgoldman
191 126 months ago make search code more cost-sensitive unread malte
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